Croatia’s Adriatic Sea has been included among the 10 clearest bodies of water in the world.
This week leading lifestyle magazine HouseBeautiful named Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast on its list of the 10 Clearest Bodies of Water in the Entire World.

It is no secret that Croatia’s Adriatic sea is among the clearest and cleanest in the world.

According to the European Environment Agency’s most recent annual report, Croatia, along with Cyprus and Malta, once again were the top three nations in Europe when it came to the sea water quality and clearness.

The report, which has been produced now for over 20 years, reported results from water samples at 917 beaches in Croatia with 99% of the samples returning excellent or good results.

The Dalmatian Coast was ranked 7th out of 10 on HouseBeautiful’s clearest bodies of water in the world list.

“The Adriatic Sea along this coast is part of the reason Croatia has become one of the hottest new destinations to visit in Europe. Dramatic limestone cliffs line the water and make it a totally unique experience,” the magazine writes.

Apart from the Dalmatian Coast the list featured some amazing bodies of water, including Lake Tahoe in California, Hanauma Bay in Hawaii, Exuma in the Bahamas and the Maldives.


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