Our prize-giving contest for two free nights at App Frankie in Split has been completed!
Congratulations Danijela Šipić from Trilj!

Danijela first of all should thank to Klara, Katija, Josipa, Danijela, Tina, Lana, Gabrijela, Jurica and Ante, who supported her by joining campaign through her referral link 🙂 and then Miss Happiness because she had only two points more than the second-placed Ivana.

There where over 1,300 interested people, from Split to BiH, Montenegro and even Germany. 🙂
Thank you very much for your participation!
We hope Danijela will enjoy a deserved vacation in Split and share his impressions with everyone later on on our FB wall. 🙂

Thanks also to Stanko Borozan, owner of “Royal Caffe” at Dinka Šimunović 14a on secured vouchers for coffee and natural juice. The winners are:

Danijela Šipić (Trilj)
Ivana Prcela (Košute)
Zvjezdana Paradzik (Zagreb)


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Best regards to all!

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